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Playgym ONLY accessories not included. 

Our Luxe Beechwood playgyms are individually crafted, sanded and painted by hand using safe, non-toxic materials, these A-Frame Play Gyms are the perfect way to entertain your little one, all while encouraging their development.

This beautiful play gym comes in a stunning keepsake CALICO bagready to be gifted or perfect for storing your play gym whilst you travel or putting it away for the next Bub. 

Your baby will remain engaged and you guilt-free, knowing your child is learning through play, while you enjoy that cuppa. Yep, the same one that's been reheated twice already and will most likely drink while folding the washing... or flicking aimlessly through Instagram (hey, no judgement here mama!)

ACCESSORIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. Complete your Wild Indiana Play Gym by adding Accessories and your Play Mat.

Please refer to our 'What you Need to Know' drop down for further details on matters, safety and intended use.

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