Play Gym Accessories & Mat Bundle


You've heard all the jokes. "Baby Brain" they laugh. You laugh too because I mean, surely it's not a real thing?! It's just something that parents talk about to excuse the organised chaos that can come with welcoming a baby.

Then you find your keys in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. Your shoes don't match, you're arguing with your other half about something you say they never told you (but really, they did) and your new super power? Forgetting what you need before you even walk into a room!

Take away some of the brain strain. Choose your design then 'Add to Cart' - We'll take care of the rest. That's it, one click and your Play Gym needs are covered.

Has anyone told you the best part about "Baby Brain" though, Mama? When your products arrive, it's like a gift to yourself from yourself because there is no way you'll remember placing that order, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with Wild Indiana all over again!


Play Gym - Our LUXE BEECHWOOD PLAYGYM - Individually crafted, sanded and painted by hand using safe, non-toxic materials, these A-Frame Play Gyms are the perfect way to entertain your little one, all while encouraging their development. Your play gym will come in a stunning CALICO bag, ready to be gifted or perfect for storing your gym. 

Accessories - What's an incredible Play Gym without some pretty cool accessories? These beautiful wood and silicone beads will entertain for a long while. Made from a combination of antibacterial beechwood and food grade silicone, your babe will be stimulated through touch, sight and sound.

Play Mat - These stunning round play mats are the perfect way to compliment our Gyms. Extra soft and padded with its quilted finish. They come in two colours White and Pink, to suit your little love and decor. The ideal way to create a relaxing, educational and safe space for your bub.


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