Dad's GO Bag


We have got something SPECIAL for the Dad’s in our world. Their own ‘GO’ by Wild Indiana Limited Edition.

 You know the routine - how hard it can be to get out the door. So one less thing our significant other’s have to think about when taking the kids out is BRILLIANT (Hello sleep and self-care)!

This GO by Wild Indiana Limited Edition comes in a custom deep olive green carry case featuring a dark tan strap and gold accessories and contains:

Our custom silicone bib with a convenient scoop and adjustable neck clasp is designed to catch food destined for the floor, yet keeping outfits safe!

Our famous silicone spoon, is safe and soft for little mouths, while helping to master the skill of feeding themselves.

A silicone placemat, for that cafe table, providing a "no-nasties" space for yummy food and little fingers.

Once home pop your silicone products into the dishwasher and easily wipe out your waterproof carry case once. Another way we like to keep your life easy!

Available SAGE with sage spoon and EXTRA sand spoon

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