It is said that the most simple things can bring the most happiness

It's this belief that is at the core of Wild Indiana and seen in every product we create.

But we know that when you're a mum, life can be far from simple. It's not the extra large coffee that screams no sleep or the mum bun hiding the fact that you haven't washed your hair in a week. It's more than that because we know our own.

It's that life of controlled chaos and being the doer of things. Every bag under your eye, every crumple in your shirt, that wiped snot on your jeans; they tell a story. The story of a mama who worries if her babe is getting enough milk or having too much screen time or if she holds her babe too much that they'll never self settle. The story of a mama who wonders if she'll ever fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans without attending a single gym class because the guilt of making time for yourself is just too overwhelming. They tell the story of a mama at the top of her game but who still goes to bed every night wondering if she's enough.

While we can't answer all the questions, Wild Indiana can give you one less thing to worry about.


Laura designs and creates every single Wild Indiana piece from her home studio in Sydney.

A wife and mum of three, she was inspired to create a clutter free home after the birth of her daughter, Indi. Overwhelmed by all the "must haves" that come with being a first time mum, Laura knew she wasn't alone in her desire to take a more minimalistic approach to motherhood while ensuring the products her daughter enjoyed daily were not only stylish, but safe and helped aid her development. 

Since Wild Indiana's launch, Laura has welcomed Knox and now baby River and takes great pride in knowing her designs can be found in hundreds of homes across Australia, helping to engage, educate and inspire your little loves.