Does your WI silicone bowl smell soapy? Don't panic!

Does your WI silicone bowl smell soapy? Don't panic!

Does your WI silicone bowl smell soapy? Don't panic!

One of the best things about Wl bowls is that our silicone is top-grade, BPA free, FDA approved and 100% safe for your kids.

However, sometimes highly perfumed phosphate-free detergents can cause the silicone to have a soapy taste, even though the bowls themselves are not actually absorbing any nasty chemicals.

AND GUESS WHAT…after 5 years of using and washing my Wild Indiana bowls a hundred times a day, it finally happened to me - my bowl started to taste like soap. Ew. And the only thing I did differently was change the washing detergent.

We all know it can be hard enough to get little people to eat, without having to worry about the bowl we put their food in tasting like washing up, none of us have any time for that in our lives.

And while switching dish detergents is an easy way to prevent it from happening again, you might think that getting the soapy taste to go away could be rather challenging.

Lucky for you, and me it’s actually really simple and 100% natural! Bonus!

What can you do to clean your bowls with a soapy smell?

There are two ways you can go about cleaning your bowls (and all your WI silicone) to get rid of any soapy taste.

So take your pick and clean way in full confidence that the next time you offer your mini-me some food in their WI bowl it will taste amazing. We still can't guarantee they will eat it but at least it won't taste Iike soap!


So here it is-how to easily and naturally clean the soap taste from your Wild Indiana bowl:

Method 1:

-Take half a lemon and wipe it all around the inside of the bowl

-Let it sit for about 10 minutes

-Run boiling water over it and let it sit for another few minutes

-Voila! No mare soapy taste!



Method 2:

-Make a mixture of one part bicarb to one part vinegar and clean all around the inside of the bowl with it

-Let it sit for a few minutes.

-Rinse with boiling water

-You are ready to go!


The only thing left to do is consider changing your washing detergent to prevent the issue from happening again -I never had a problem until I started using Fairy dishwashing tablets. And if you do end up with broccoli that tastes like bubbles, rest assured knowing you can easily and naturally fix it - all you need is some lemon or bicarb and vinegar!

Silicone really is the most practical, easy to use, durable, fuss free product on the market! My mission is always to create and design products that make your life easier!

Laura xx 


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