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I became a new mum last year and it was the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED! Geez I have learnt so much in this last year…

In those 9 months preparing for your new bub you take countless trips to ‘baby bunting’ browsing the 100s of ‘must have’ nursery items… I was a sucker for a lot of those things!

 Although after having our little girl all those things quickly became clutter in the nursery.. Can you relate?

 SO here’s a couple of NURSERY FURNITURE items that we chose and how we used them! It might help you to keep things minimalistic, clean and simple!


 A simple cot –  Now obviously its guaranteed you will make the decision to purchase a cot, but often the style and colour of the cot can change how the room feels.

We chose a simple white cot- I personally felt that the white timber cot, made for a clean and simple nursery. Tip: I actually purchased a second hand timber cot, sanded it back and painted it white – bargain!


 A Rocking chair - I invested in a beautiful neutral coloured rocking chair for the nursery- best investment ever- I still use it on those sleepless nights!


 A baby play gym - Obviously I sell playgyms but I really do love and believe in this product...

I would lay Indie underneath it and as a newborn in her ‘awake’ time she would lay and watch the toys move around, as she got older she would reach for the toys and rattle them, then when she got even older she learnt to sit up, play and reach!

 I loved that she had a space to have tummy time, I also loved even more that I had a space for her to lay and learn -  so I could sit and have a cuppa! Does that sound good??

The playgym is simple and wont clutter the house! To see our range of gyms that might suit your nursery click here.


 Drawers/ change table - DOUBLE UP. Instead of cluttering the room with a big bulky change table, we purchased a white chest of draws, that we could fill with little clothes, socks and undies. On top of the chest of draws we placed a padded change mat that we could change bubs nappy on.

 In the top draws we filled with nappies and wipes etc, it worked perfectly as we could hide all those little things when the draws were closed- and when we had visitors (we all do that right??) Having the change table and clothes storage together was so practical for me in a small nursery!


Complete Clothes Rack - Our daughters nursery had no built in wardrobes to hang clothes so in the corner of miss Indies room we put a complete wooden clothes rack to hang all her pretty dresses. The rack is super simple, doesn’t look messy and its completely moveable - WINNING! 


Simple nursery art - we wanted to keep our daughters nursery simple, minimalistic and CALM. I wanted to avoid a messy ‘feel’, so we chose just one nursery print that was special for her room… but I cant tell you much more as we have something exciting coming up ;) and I can’t spoil it!!!!

I’ll leave you with those few simple nursery furniture items – The nursery shouldn’t feel over crowded, let it be a calm and CLUTTER-FREE space! But don’t be afraid to add touches of your own colours and special things!

 Laura xx

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